Express Your True Feelings This Valentine's Day

Can you smell romance in the air? Or is it just some unwashed undies?

So what better way to put a smile on your mate’s face and embarrassment in their cheeks with a special pair of knickers to sniff.

Delivered directly to their door by the postman, who from then on will forever think they’re a right weirdo.

Exclusive FREEBIE just for Valentine's Day...

Along with the standard Knicker Sniffer package, as an exclusive freebie for Valentine’s Day, we’ll add some heart shaped confetti to your order at no extra costs!

How does it work?

1) Choose your victim.

Will it be your arch nemesis, a friend, or just that bloke round the corner who keeps parking like a tool?

pick a victim to send knickers
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2) Pick your knickers.

Pick your knickers of choice. Are you going for Granny panties or something sexy?

3) Relax and wait for their reaction.

Chuckle to yourself while we pack and dispatch your loving gift and send it on its way!

It's that easy, so what are you waiting for?!

Just imagine their reaction when their postman is asking your victim to sign for the knickers. Or the office manager awkwardly places the sparkly envelope on your colleague’s desk.

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