Knicker Sniffer

Looking for a funny gift? Maybe payback for a friend or ex? Want to upset your boss?

Send anonymous panties to a unsuspecting victim and laugh you own knickers off.  Embarrass a friend, a family member or have a laugh with a work colleague, knicker Sniffer is by far the funniest used pantie prank by post. ONLY £6.99 Including FREE Delivery.

How does it work?​

It’s really easy! Just three simple steps get a pretty pink envelope with lots of goodies inside on its way to your poor unsuspecting pantie sniffer.


Will it be your arch nemesis, a friend, or just that bloke round the corner who is a bellend? You could even risk getting fired by sending them to your boss.


We offer some hilarious upgrades! Maybe add some glitter, some creepy spiders, or even a dirty great skid. You can even pick some yummy chocolate vaginas. #SayWhat


Grab a cuppa, sit back, and relax. Gently chuckle to yourself while we pack and dispatch your loving gift and send it on its way!

It's that easy, so what are you waiting for?!

Picture the hilarity as your unsuspecting target is asked by the postman to sign for used knickers. Or the office boss, squirming with discomfort and fuming at the ears as they unpack a skiddie pair of ladies’ panties.  The laugh-out-loud moments will just keep on coming, and for a mere £6.99, it’s a knee-slapper that’s not to be sniffed at.

Includes a pair of knickers

We include an actual pair of lovely ladies knickers to maximise impact. Don't worry, they are brand new, but your victim doesn't know this.

Hilarious upgrades

It's not all knickers. We offer a number of unique and hilarious upgrades including chocolate lady parts, really annoying (bio) glitter and a stomoch churning dirty great skid!

100% Anonymous

This is what it is all about. We include absolutely no details about who sent the whiffy jiffy. So unless you prank John Wick or Brian Mills, it is unlikely, they'll ever find out.

Your victim will receive...


No immediate giveaways this is a prank, it states exactly what's inside and ensures hilarious awkwardness.


Some brand new panitest o sniff will be inside the envelope waiting for your victim to look horrified as they pull them out.

card and upgrades

They'll also get a nice double-sided card with your message, and whatever upgrades you decided on.

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