Can I remain anonymous?

Of course, my horse! That’s the whole point, the only way that your victim would know who sent the naughty kickers would be if you put your name in the personalised message or did something really stupid like, ping them a text saying “Oi Bazza, you’ll never guess what bruv, I just sent you some knickers to your work, I hope you get fired”, or you tell someone else and say “Don’t tell Mandy but…..”, because you know as soon as your back is turned, they’ll tell Mandy and you’ll look like a right dogs cock when Mandy turns up halfway through your next date and sparks you the F**K out.

There’s a lesson to be learned from the above information. Don’t be a bell end and put a false email address, why? Because you won’t get your order confirmation email, you’ll get all upset, red-faced start crying, and then gob off at our customer services team who will just call you and TOTAL bell end because you didn’t bother to read where it says “ANONYMOUS”.

The same goes for putting a false name.

1) You’ll look like a TWAT

2) If you have an issue with your order, we won’t be able to verify it’s you without asking more frustrating questions and wasting our time

3) You’ll look like a right TWAT