Spider Scare

Spider scare someone and watch them S**T their knickers.

Whoever you decide to prank, just imagine their reaction and big girly scream when they slide back the lid on the new creepy crawly lurking inside.

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We’ll wrap your box tighter than Simon Cowells face lift! Includes loads of tape!!!

Skulking like an unwanted genital wart, this creepy little git is happily tucked away in the dark, waiting, thinking, planning, ready to strike terror in the heart of your poor unsuspecting victim as they slide back the lid.

The simplicity of this spider scare is the key to this hilarious, and yet terrifying gift, and who doesn’t love the thrill of a gift, especially when it’s a beautifully made little wooden box?

Just imagine what your victim will be thinking, as they open the box “Oh my, someone does love me, what could be inside this lovely little wooden box, I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl”, we know – it sounds a little elaborate but hey, we’re trying to build the scene for you.

Overwhelmed with excitement, they begin to slide back the lid and as soon as that lid hits the sweet spot, the love and joy feelings a new gift brings are annihilated as a wave of fear and terror engulfs your victim as incy wincy lurches out of the box like a starving tiger.

This can go two ways, they either blackout and suffer an involuntary bowl movement or launch poor Spidey at the wall. In our experience, its usually the former. So go on, treat some to a lovely spider scare today.