Sending an anonymous spider in a box is the ideal gift for an unsuspecting boss, your ex or maybe a friend who just needs a laugh.

Our 100% Anonymous spider prank is just £7.99 including FREE delivery. #ScaringIsCaring

How does it work?​

Scaring is easy in three simply steps. Decide who’s going to receive a big juicy black spider in a box. Enter your victims details and check out, then sit back and relax knowing someone is soon to S**T their knickers.🕷️

1. Pick a VICTIM

Does your boss hate spiders? Maybe an ex? Does a friend need a laugh? #ScaringIscaring

Guy laughing his head off

Laugh your tits off while you enter your poor unsuspecting victims details and check out, its that easy!

Pick Your Vitim
3. relax AND WAIT

Now,  go back to scrolling through TikTok while we get your victims creepy little fella boxed up and ready to go.

Got someone in mind? It's time to get your scare on!

Can you imagine the shock on your victims face, let along the state of their underpants when they slide back lid on their cute little box and a black nasty looking spider leaps out to bite them? Of course you can, it’s HILLARIOUS and after all, scaring is caring.

At just £7.99, including FREE delivery,  it’s a no brainer. #ScaryingIsCaring

🕷️ Includes a Spider in a box, duh! 

It’s a lovely little box, with a nice lid and a bigger ass scary mono spider,

🕷️ FREE Delivery*

Exactly what is say on the tin, FREE DELIVERY! Or upgrade to recorded delivery.

🕷️ 100% Anonymous

Absolutely ZERO details about who sent the little beast in a box. So unless you prank Ethan Hunt or James Bond , it’s likely they’ll never find out.

Your victim will receive...​



This creepy little sod will be lovingly prepared and shipped off to your unsuspecting victim. Eager to please and scare the hell out of them, this little fella cant wait to jump out with his Mr tickle like legs unleashing pure terror. Who do you know has a fear of one of mankind most disliked creepy crawlies? #ScaryingIsSharing 🕷️